Rudolf J. Lombard (mouth painting artist) painted one of my images.

  Sep 08, 2018   General

I’m honored to say that Mr. Rudolf J. Lombard, a mouth painting artist, recently painted one of my waves images.
The painting came out great, as you can see:

mouth painting of a wave

This is the reference image:

Rudolf is a VDMFK (Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World) mouth painting artist, as you can read in his bio:

As an inspiring mouth painting artist, I did not see myself in front of a canvas for the last 14 years of my life. Because art plays such a big role in my life since I have been accepted as a student in 2003 at The Mouth and Foot Painters Association of the World, I never one moment looked back. But an obstacle hindered me since I have started as an artist and placed a paint brush in my mouth. It is, that I am colour-blind. Every painting which I have done until now took precise planning and different colours paint to choose and use. I work on what I have memorized through the years and not always what I see.
Today most of my artworks are painted in colour and it is very difficult for me to go back to a mono-colour painting such as ”black and white”. Most of my artworks can be seen and found across the globe from a Tiger painting that I have painted and which is on display at the Tiger-brands lobby to Erny Els “The Big Easy” South Africa’s famous golf player.

Kudos to Rudolf. Keep up the good work!